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I would like to thank you for making Faith's party so special...I know you went out of your way to help us celebrate her birthday in the evening, and it was a huge success! The kids thought it was the coolest party ever, and our hostess was amazing. She gave us a great tour and worked with the kids on making their candy. Again, thanks so much for making this a special birthday party for Faith's 10th Birthday.
Author: Jodi

I was traveling and in the Denver airport on March 27, 2012. Sandy at your kiosk could not have been nicer or more informative. (She was also an excellent saleswoman!) I had never heard of your company, but I know quite a bit now. I plan to take a tour the next time I'm in Denver and I'll look for your kiosk when I'm passing through. Thank you.
Author: Susan Tradd

We do Santa visits all over the Philadelphia area and today we did a Santa visit and someone provided us with your Cherry Candy Canes, all I can say is WOW they are so beautiful & every child I gave one to today said WOW that is a real Santa Candy Cane!
Author: Matt - Christmas Illusions

We just got our order in the mail yesterday and the first thing I went for was the cut art candy. It immediately took me back 40 years to sitting in my grandmother's kitchen the days leading up to Christmas. She always had these Christmas candies around from the old Sears store. Thank you for bringing back memories and allowing our family to make new ones. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas.
Author: Tim Butner

Last year we looked all over for candy canes made in the USA and found yours at Cracker Barrel this year we snatched them up at Costco. We should have written email last year to thank you but didn't. So this is our thank you for making candy canes in the US. What would the holidays be without candy canes? We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. Thanks for the canes! Sincerely,
Author: Bill & Denise Leonard

We had my mother's birthday party at Hammond's and the whole family had a blast! We wanted to do something different for her and this was just perfect.
Author: Dana

Just wanted to tell you that I bought a container of your peppermint cocoa stirrers at a store in Berlin, Ohio, and they are wonderful!! The peppermint is not too weak, not too strong - tastes wonderful in my hot chocolate!
Author: P Shover

I received my candies and they are fresh and delicious! THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I have never seen better customer service and I do appreciate all your efforts to make sure that I would be a satisfied customer.  I will be a loyal customer forever!
Author: Nicole Emory

Thank you so much for the big box of goodies! I can hardly wait to see my daughter’s face when she gets home from school! This was the coolest thing in the whole world to open! I will be sure to tell all my friends about your products! Like I haven't already! LOL! I want to open them all up and try them NOW! I feel like a kid in the middle of your store! We will be sure to buy your products whenever we see them!
Author: Mary Kutz

I wanted to let you know that I just received the candy you sent and I was amazed.  You went above and beyond!!  Thank you so much for, again, exemplary customer service.  I am very impressed and I will not hesitate to order from you in the future.
Author: Judy

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I just want to thank you guys at Hammond's Candies and especially Linda. This is the second time I have ordered from you and it’s the second time you've gone the extra mile to help. It's a pleasure to order from you. I can’t wait to get my large lemon lollipops.
Author: Diane Bernert

I just ate one of your peppermint candy canes that I had ordered for Christmas.  That was the best candy cane ever.  WOW!!! I thought all candy canes tasted alike. I can't wait until I accidently break one so I have an excuse to eat it.  I might have to order more before Christmas.
Author: Gwendolyn Matthews

I just had one of your peppermint candy canes and it was the best one I ever had.  It reminded me of the ones I used to have as a kid.  I think I am going to have to get more and try the Marshmallow and Caramel candy also.  Just thought I would let you know your candy is the best.
Author: Dave Ham

I have seen your factory on the Food Network many times but never bought any of your candy until today.  I have one word, WOW!   I bought a butterscotch candy cane at Whole Foods today and OMG-it was SO good. I can't stop talking about it and I can't wait until I can try the other flavors!!!  I'm SOLD on your candy!
Author: Linda Petty

I have seen your candy making on TV and was thoroughly surprised to find your products in a local Cracker Barrel store. Keep up the good work. It is so rare to find candy made the "old fashioned way".  Love your products, especially the candy canes and hard candies with shapes in the middle (still can't believe that can be done!!).
Author: B Buzi

I buy your candy canes every year for my family's stockings but I've never tasted one myself.  This year my husband left his raspberry candy cane unattended and I decided to eat some of it myself.   It was GOOD...really good!  "I-ate-the-whole-thing" good!  I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'll be looking for your candies year-round now, and I'll be buying more than just the candy canes in the future.  Thank you for making such a pretty, festive, and delicious product.
Author: Anne Danish

I want to thank you for your excellent service and the best chocolate filled candy canes every year. Thank you so much! Happy New Year!
Author: Beth Orne

Thank you for the delicious candy canes! They are just right :) Send more...Ha Ha Ha...
Author: Sue & Chris

I had emailed late last year about the clove candies that you typically have around Christmas. I was told to order them in early December, which I did, along with some of the licorice straws and pillows that you make. The candies were for my brother who loves clove and licorice. I received them and sent them on to my brother who had to be the happiest guy on earth when he received his package. He already loves your clove candies as I'd sent them to him in the past, and now he thinks your licorice straws and pillows are the best he's ever had. Thanks so much for providing a quality product and an easy way for me to give my brother a Christmas present that he absolutely loves.
Author: Nancyjean Tripp

My favorite has always been the peppermint candy cane.  As far as I am concerned, Hammond’s makes the very best. I have had many in my lifetime, but your company makes the greatest. It has just the right mixture of ingredients. Not too sweet, and just the right amount of peppermint, the best I’ve ever had! I like every thing your company makes. When ever I see your candy in a store, I will always buy it.
Author: Joanne Hanscome

Hello, a few years ago I stumbled upon your cherry candy canes at a Cracker Barrel Store before Christmas.   Knowing very well our 16-year-old son loves cherry I bought him a few.  Let me tell you, our son now is 20 and I’m still traveling over an hour to the nearest Cracker Barrel for them.  This year I was not able to get any until a few days before Christmas.  I thought I was out of luck and, to be honest, I was a little upset to tell our son we didn’t have them for his stocking!As old as he is that is one thing he looks forward to each Christmas. Also, my sister bought some at a area card shop, and to my surprise, she got me cinnamon, my personal favorite.  A huge thank you for making such a quality candy, for both me and my children to enjoy!!! 
Author: Michelle Garner



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