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Innovative Award

Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ Debuts This Summer

Hammond's Candies takes sweet creativity to next level while benefiting bees globally.

June 23, 2012

DENVER, CO –Hammond's Candies reveals this summer a daring height of confectionary guaranteed to create a buzz among candy-lovers everywhere.

The Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ combines the healthy benefits of bee pollen with the rich, satisfying taste of Hammond's organic dark chocolate to create a bitter-sweet, handmade snack so good that it will make you wonder what took so long for somebody to think of it.

The Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ follows the acclaimed introduction of the Hammond's Candies Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Milk Chocolate Bar, which recently won an award as the industry's Most Innovative New Product of the Year.

"Hammond's Candies long ago established itself as a national leader in the creation of delicious new treats, and by all indications we have hit another home run with the Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™," said Andrew Schuman, president and CEO of Hammond's Candies.

To collect enough bee pollen for a single Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™, 100 honeybees each have to land on 1,500 flowers! Now you know where the busy-bee phrase comes from. In gratitude for everything that the bee community has done to help Hammond's establish such a unique culinary standard, Hammond's will return the favor by donating 5 percent of its Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ sales profits to the bee sustainability efforts around the world.

The Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ is now available in retail outlets across the country this summer. Hammond's expects health aficionados to focus particular attention on the Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™, given the legendary healing and energy powers of natural bee pollen, which contains vitamins, minerals, and powerful amino acids. While scientifically debated, many bee pollen consumers including Iron Man triathletes and health advocates believe the substance improves cholesterol levels and increases antibody production.

Other ingredients of the Bee Pollen Chocolate Bar™ include honey, organic vanilla and organic cocoa butter.

Already world-famous for its handcrafted, oversized candy canes, beautifully spun ribbon candy, and stunning lollipops, the Hammond's Candies factory is a Denver must-see tourist attraction, with free tours of the candy factory. Whether you're a local resident planning a day excursion or an out-of-town visitor cruising the Mile High City, Hammond's is a unique sight to see and taste.

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