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The Perfect Cup of Cocoa

Hammond's Candies - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perfect Cup of CocoaIt might be 77°F in Miami right now, but the rest of the country has certainly been experiencing some cold weather. If there’s anything that comes with cold weather it’s either a bunch of snow or a bunch of colds and coughs…sometimes both.

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Whether it be a few feet of the flurries or the kids staying home to cure a fever, we know how to add some sweet love with the perfect cup of hot chocolate. First rule, get a good cocoa mix. This could mean making up your own batch or getting one already made with natural ingredients like pure sugar and Dutch cocoa powder. Of course we’d recommend our Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, not just for it’s amazing taste, but also for it’s good source of iron and rich in flavonoids, which have many great health benefits! Then, stir in some flavor with Cocoa Stirrers. Available in vanilla, peppermint, or cinnamon, there’s always a flavor to please the whole family. Top with a few of Hammond’s own homemade marshmallows and you have – as we promised – the PERFECT cup of cocoa! Get your cocoa kit, or one for a friend at:


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