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The Most-Asked Question in Our Factory Store

Hammond's Candies - Friday, September 30, 2011

Hammond's Candies - Sea Foam CandyAccording to our Guest Relations Manager Melissa Joslin, the most frequently asked question of visitors to our factory store is:

What in the heck is sea foam, anyway?

“Sea Foam” is an old-fashioned burnt-molasses candy. It is light and airy, with a porous texture that looks like sea foam. At Hammond’s, we enrobe – or cover – our sea foam with our signature high-quality chocolate for an added flavor explosion.

An interesting fact about this candy is that, while it is eaten all over the world, it also goes by many different names. We did a little Internet search, and would like to share with you all the name varieties we found:     

  • Honeycomb Toffee (Great Britain)
  • Honeycomb (South Africa, Australia, Great Britain)
  • Yellow Man (Northern Ireland)
  • Puff Candy (Scotland)
  • Golden Crunchers (region unknown)
  • Hokey Pokey (New Zealand)
  • Sponge Candy (Quebec, Canada & northwest PA and western NY, USA)
  • Sea Foam (ME, WA, OR, UT, CA, MI)
  • Fairy Food Candy/Angel Food Candy (WI)
  • Bonfire Toffee/Cinder Toffee (Britain)
  • Turkish Honey (Hungary)

The above list came from Wikipedia, which, incidentally, calls the candy Sponge Toffee in its official listing.

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