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Living the Sweet Life

Hammond's Candies - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up on a hilltop in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, Spain sits Park Güell, an architectural garden complex built in the early 1900’s that was originally designed for residential housing. With a lack of success, only two houses were built – one of which ended up being occupied by the artist himself, Antoni Gaudí.

The park has since been transformed into a historical monument that peaks interest to tourists and locals alike. The main attraction is the terrace with tours of the garden and artist’s home available to the public. Its original artwork directly reflects Gaudí’s distinct style where walls are covered with unique designs created from ceramics and stained glass, and architecture includes exceptional sculptures, archways, and wrought ironwork.

Though some are captivated by the neo-Gothic influenced art, we love Park Güell because – let’s face it – it looks like a real gingerbread house! The candy fortress is brought to life with its bright colors and full-sized mosaics. The gleam of the three-dimensional rooftops reflects that of a true candy castle. It is a masterpiece that has (literally) stood the test of time representing the century’s history of nature, religion, and rich European culture.

As the season of sweets is right under our noses, there’s no better time to appreciate nostalgic art like Gaudí’s. While we make our gingerbread houses out of miniature milk cartons and colorful Christmas candies, we’ll be envisioning how enchanted this house truly is…twinkle and all. 

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