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Hammond's Stresses Food Safety

Hammond's Candies - Friday, November 04, 2011

Hammond's Candies Stresses Food SafetyFor 90 years the Hammond’s brand has been synonymous with high quality. The dedication that accompanies creating our handmade confections the old fashioned way has continued to draw visitors, tour guests and consumers from all over the world. This dedication is demonstrated party through our commitment to safe, quality food.

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Hammond’s Candies has been working diligently on its latest comprehensive food safety audit. This audit will satisfy regulations through the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an internationally recognized standard of quality. The completion of this audit will mark another milestone in Hammond’s Candies’ continued commitment to the highest quality confections.  While endeavoring to obtain a passing score on this audit, all of us at Hammond’s have worked tirelessly to clean, organize, and perfect our quality systems to satisfy the stringent requirements of this audit.  This focus on safe, quality manufacturing is compounded by the overwhelming volume that must be produced before Christmas.

Why is food safety and quality so important? These days, it’s easy to take for granted that the food we eat is safe. Occasionally we’re reminded, as with the outbreak of Listeria in cantaloupe, that food-borne illness, commonly called food poisoning, is a very real threat to all consumers. Preventing food-borne illness – called food safety, is a matter of every manufacturer having and implementing the knowledge and tools to produce safe food. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA and USDA monitor and certify certain high risk manufactures for products like beef, poultry and dairy but rely on smaller non-government certifiers to monitor the majority of low-risk products, like candy.  When Hammond’s Candies passes this audit it, will be internationally recognized for their safe, quality food.

What does this mean for you? From the retail to the wholesale customer, we at Hammond’s Candies know you will be delighted by products. You will continue to benefit from the time and effort dedicated to each small batch and our tireless efforts to produce the highest quality confections.

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