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Food Network Visits Hammond’s to Make 5-Pound Lollies

Hammond's Candies - Friday, May 13, 2011

Don’t miss Hammond’s Candies feature on the popular Food Network show, Kid in a Candy Store! Host Adam Gertler is blown away when he watches our “gargantuan spiral lollipops grow to five pounds!” Adam Gertler skewers the myth of the ordinary sucker, finding fresh new ways to get a handle on portable confections.

At Hammond's Candies in Denver, CO, gargantuan spiral lollipops grow to five pounds, and come in funky flavors like pear, pumpkin and birthday cake. Gourmet candy apples fall very far from the tree in Hollister, CA, where the DeBrito Chocolate Factory covers bushels of Granny Smiths in more than 40 different creative candy coats, from espresso-infused toffee to chili-lime salt. And at the Tootie Pie Co. in San Antonio, TX, cutting-edge slices of frozen Key Lime Margarita pie are dipped in chocolate and served stuck on a stick!

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