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Hammond's Classic Cotton Candy

Classic, fluffy, cotton candy. This nostalgic candy can be enjoyed by children of all ages! Each 3 ounce bag will contain a variety of flavors and fun!

Price: $3.95

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Hammond's Classic Cotton Candy

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What Are People Saying About Hammond's Classic Cotton Candy?

Jennifer commented on 05-Jan-2015 02:16 PM and rated this product as   5 out of 5 stars
Can you believe the flavors in this. Strawberry Red, Banana Yellow and Blueberry Blue. I purchased some for my children at a shop recently. Now that I've tried it, I really wish I would have gotten myself one too.

Shelly commented on 21-Nov-2015 12:27 PM and rated this product as   5 out of 5 stars
As a long time candy connoisseur, I proclaim Hammonds Candies -classic cotton candy The Best!

I have traveled far and wide; well at least from Kansas to Maine and have tastey tested many brands of this fluffy cottony goodness...even making my own.
This is the ....best!

Cat Wilson commented on 02-Jan-2016 03:26 PM and rated this product as   3 out of 5 stars
The blue cotton candy is very good, and has no additional flavoring that I could discern. The yellow remind me of Circus Peanuts, and the pink is overpoweringly strawberry. If they allowed choice of color/flavor I would have given the blue version 5 stars.

Diane commented on 20-Mar-2016 01:24 PM and rated this product as   5 out of 5 stars
Oh myyyy....the yellow banana flavor is addicting!! Best cotton candy ever! Thank you for continuing to make quality candy. I look for your brand whenever I do the holiday sweets shopping.


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