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Only One Mitchell Sweet?

Hammond's Candies - Monday, February 18, 2013

As the radio played, time ticked away and the conversation seemed to die out. The minutes seemed to turn into hours which only made the stop and go traffic more unbearable. Living in Colorado  you know the drive home from the mountains is always a gamble. Four hours can turn into ten as quickly as a snowflake drops. As I looked out the window, my stomach began to grumble. Not even the beautiful scenery could stop my hunger. I fumble around the car to find trail mix, assorted chip bags, doughnuts, and gum. Distraught, I return to my original position of nature watching. Just when I thought about giving in to the junk food, I saw a cloud that resembled my favorite Hammond’s Candy, a Mitchell Sweet. Excited, I reached into my coat pocket and remembered I had one! Quietly, trying to hide the wrapper noise under the iTunes playlist that had been on repeat the last 3 hours, I began to unwrap. Within seconds, like vultures, everyone in the car suddenly had supersonic hearing. “What is that?”, “What are you eating”. Busted.

Quickly  my body went into Fight-Or-Flight response. Do I eat the delicious vanilla covered marshmallow in one bite and suffer the consequences? Or, do I apply what I learned in girl-scouts and share my tiny wrapped square shaped bite of heaven with the car? Decisions, decisions. As I continued to unwrap my not-so-secret snack I decided to confess what was inside. Hoping, to disguise the delectable melting caramel covered goodness to an average piece of candy, I stuttered to find the words… “Oh nothing; just a piece of candy.” The silence that followed led me to believe my family wasn’t buying it. As my face started to turn red with shame my father spoke up, “Is it from Hammond’s Candies?” I quietly replied, “..Yes.” Game over. I knew it was only a matter of time before heads were turning to get a good look at me, the candy, maybe both. Within seconds, my dad reaches for what I think will be my slice of ooey-gooey bliss, when he pulls out a pocket knife and winks when saying “Be fair when you cut it up.” Sinking into my seat, I smile and reach for the knife as I know what is to follow. I gently unwrap what used to my Mitchell Sweet careful not to lose any vanilla caramel to the wrapper. I slice the covered marshmallow in 4 giant squares and begin to pass them out. One look was exchanged and the bite was taken. An infusion of warm vanilla caramel and fluffy homemade marshmallow heightened my senses and electrified my taste buds. Everyone smiled and the song changed over to Country Roads by John Denver, the road trip may not have been over, but it definitely got a little sweeter.

As I lean back to assume my window watching position, my fingers run over my other pocket of my jacket to feel an unexpected lump. As I reach in my fingers I’m surprised by the familiar wrapping. Knowing better than to bring it out, I just smiled to myself and thought; I’ve already played the role of a good girl-scout, this time I’ll go with the former…

Moral of the story: when a Mitchell Sweet is involved, always bring enough to share. J

By Mallory Walter

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