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Happy Christmas in July!

Hammond's Candies - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Special Guest Blog by The Hungry Bee Though we have hot and humid weather across North America and Europe, our Southern Hemisphere friends may feel a little left out every year when their cold weather fills the air and the holidays are nowhere in sight. This year, we encourage all you ‘Down Under’ to join us as we celebrate the sweeter time of the year! Bring out the jingle bells, menorahs, and gifts – or just celebrate with a hot cup of cocoa.

If you are one among us sharing the peak of the sizzling sun, host a casual ice cream party or toss around some water balloons. Just because the holidays aren’t around the corner, doesn’t mean there’s not reason for a season! Here are the top three ways to celebrate in the hot and the cold.

 If you live in the land Down Under…

  • Decorate cookies! Bring out the cookie cutters and bake your heart out. Then, send us your pictures so we can continue to spread the holiday cheer.
  • Have a ‘Half-Hanukkah’: Celebrate for six (or seven!) days by exchanges gifts with the family. The kids will love it, of course!!
  • Host a cocoa night. Invite a few mates over for an American cup of Hammond’s Double Chocolate Cocoa. Stir in with a Peppermint, Vanilla, or Hot Cinnamon Cocoa Stirrer and turn on some holiday songs.

    For the warmer-weathered ones…

  • Head outside for a movie under the stars. Many cities have outdoor movie nights throughout the summer months. Grab a handful of Hammond’s All Natural Caramel Corn for an even sweeter night.
  • Why stop with water balloons? This July, pull out the gardening hose, and (some say) shaving cream for a wet ‘n wacky water fight!!
  • Dance the night away with friends and family! Crack open those boxes filled with holiday supplies and play some tunes to bring back the season up ahead.

    Happy July celebrations to all, and to all a good night!

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