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Victorious Holiday Shopping

Hammond's Candies - Monday, November 21, 2011

Hammond's Candies Holiday ShoppingThe holidays seem like miles away...perhaps for many visiting family and friends this year, they are, but reality hits us with only four weekends for holiday shopping without being taken down by Black Friday crowds and night owl procrastinators.  With time being of the essence, there's got to be a better way to conquer the season!

Hammond's Candies Gift Boxes

Just ask Lewis Paine, senior vice president of GfK Consumer, one of the world’s largest research companies who encourages ‘bundling’ to make this year’s shopping easier. With this in mind, we at Hammond's have created a brand new line of holiday gift boxes; we call it "Bundling Pure Sweet Goodness"!  We’ve taken out the guess work so all you need to do is decide between chocolate or peppermint...or peanut butter...or marshmallow – with so many delicious choices, this might be harder than we anticipated!  A better idea: buy a few, for the office, neighbors, parties, and relatives.  See the entire selection at www.hammondscandies.com/sweet-gift-ideas for special pricing and more.

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