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Hammond's Candies - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Embassy Suites Candy House Chris Cole, Executive Chef at Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado, has some BIG ideas – you might even say ‘life-size’. While many spend the season baking cookies for neighbors or decorating little sugary houses with the kids, Chef Cole and his team of ‘little helpers’ spend 350 hours constructing a 96-square-foot gingerbread house.

Gingerbread House

The house stand 14-feet tall, has 8-foot walls, two doors, and four windows. There’s also a doghouse out front for Max!Before constructing this sweet dream house, the catering staff prepares weeks in advance baking more than 1200 gingerbread ‘bricks’ made from 600 pounds of flour and more than 900 pounds of sugar!  Each brick is stuck together with royal icing by the engineering team and then decorated with Hammond’s own  ribbon candy and candy canes.

If you get the opportunity to visit Embassy Suites, the gingerbread house will be up until after the New Year…or be inspired by Chef Cole’s work and start a house of your own – finish it off with Hammond’s pillows, straws, mini ribbon candy, and much more.  Start your shopping with some Chocolate Filled Peppermint Straws!

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