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Spring into Leap Year!

Hammond's Candies - Monday, April 02, 2012

Candy Cookies In honor of Leap Year, a Denver radio station had listeners call in to finish this riddle: “Women were asked what they'd most like to do on leap day, and the #1 answer "spend time with family." For men, the #1 answer was...”.  After many calls with such guesses as “golf”, “sleep”, and “watch TV”, one listener responded, “spend time with family”…and they were correct!  

With Spring Break right around the corner, make sure to continue to spend some extra time with the family.  If you’re a local, visit Hammond’s factory for a free tour.  We promise all the kids will be begging for more quality family time!  If you live a bit too far to see how those beautiful lollipops and ribbon candy are hand pulled and twisted, order some of our springtime favorites, like Fashion Mixed Pillows and Straws.  Then, get the family together and make some sugary spring flowers – flower cookies that is.  The instructions are easy and filled with fun:

Candy Cookies

1.) Find your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or purchase a mix at the store). Let everyone take turns stirring!

2.) Once the dough is rolled out, cut into large flower shapes and bake according to recipe directions.

3.) Immediately after taking the cookies out of the oven (while they are still on the baking sheet), insert a long, wooden stick/skewer into the side of the cookie.

4.) Once cooled, frost the cookies and decorate with Hammond’s Fashion Mixed Pillows, Straws, and more!

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