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Proud to be an American

Hammond's Candies - Friday, June 22, 2012

Proud to be American When everyone’s schmoozing about their “friend’s” latest status on Facebook or walking down the street while iTalking or Face Timing their bestie, we tend to take what is real and what is good for granted. Despite all the chaos that seems to be among us on a daily basis, we must remember that we are not in a great disarray as our ancestors once were more than 200 years ago when they left everything they had, hopped on a boat, and set sail across the seas to a land unknown.

Without understanding what the future stored, they carved history and established today’s leading nation: the home of the free and land of the brave. Though America’s favorite past times involve entertainment like baseball and jazz, much is to be said for the path we’ve paved as a country. If Adams, Hamilton, and Franklin could see the transformation from candlelight to the Flashlight app, oh the eyes that would brighten!

Despite the changes that may be needed to truly live freely within our states and ourselves, we much salute those who serve us daily – ever since the first courageous steps off those ships. We must say ‘thank you’ to our soldiers, teachers, governors, and postal workers. Those who deliver the milk and those who make it. Our parents and grandparents for getting us here and our children who continue to see the hope in the same light, as did Madison and Washington.

For the past ninety-two years, Hammond’s has been proud to hand-craft quality confections that are made in America. It is such a pleasure to hire our nation’s fine citizens and know that American jobs are not only being maintained, but also growing. What a privilege to have hundreds of thousands join us every week throughout the year to see just how we do it – and what an honor to know everyone all love us…or at least us! From the entire greater Hammond’s family, Happy Independence Day. We are so proud to be American!

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