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Getting Creative With Hammond's Candies

Hammond's Candies - Friday, July 01, 2011

We are often told our candies are too beautiful to eat.  It is true they are beautiful (but they are tasty too !).  Our candies can be used in many different ways besides pure consumption.  Some of our fan have found ultra creative means to make use of our sweets.  Look in this June's issue of Martha Stewart Living for her flavor flags or check out Pacific Wedding's Themed Candy Shop Cakes.  Wow those cakes are stunning.  Home design with Kevin Sharkey has amazing uses for our candy canes and ribbon during the holidays.  "Candy Bars" have become popular at all occasions and are really fun to build.

Dylan's Candy Bar made great use of our Spiral Lollipops and Fashion Ribbon Candy in an incredible candy bar shown online at Martha Stewart Weddings.  We love to share these imaginative ideas with the world.  Why not send us your favorite use of Hammond's candies and maybe we will blog about you.

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