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Confections for the Elections

Hammond's Candies - Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Confections for the Elections When the National Confectioners Association (NCA) approached us with the opportunity to contribute to this year’s election campaigns, we were thrilled that our candies would go presidential! With the Republican and Democratic National Conventions up to bat for this year’s November elections, we sent over some of our McCraw’s American-made taffy – the world’s only flat taffy.

Whether you’re blue or red, seven-feet tall or two-feel small – no matter what your political views – we think your vote is for something sweet and satisfying, made right here in the USA. Our nation has seen a lot of changes in the past century, but McCraw’s has remained steadfast (and growing!) since 1908. Each handcrafted piece of taffy carries a bite of American history. It’s a symbol of how one vision, two people, and five cents of sugar created an iconic American dream that continues to this day. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to all those at the NCA who gave us a chance to contribute to today’s American dream. November 6 is Election Day; don’t forget to vote!

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